Competition Resume

 85 wins in 164 races (52%)


-Playboy MX-5 Cup GOAL


-Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Pro Challenge- 9 wins out of 11 and 5 Track Records

-GrandAm Continental Tire Challenge Series Race ST Road America- Qualified P6


-Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge Champion-17 wins, two 2nds, one 3rd,   and two track records out of 20 races.

-Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Pro Challenge-Three Wins of Three

-Skip Barber Formula Series-One 2nd, and one win of two races


-So-Cal Sprinters 8 wins out of 9 races   

-Skip Barber Summer Series 1 win, 2 Podiums, 7th place in Championship

-VIR 13 Hour Pole in SM5 3rd overall out of 59 cars in Qualifying, 3rd in class in race

-Skip Barber Race Champions Shootout: 2nd $30,000 Scholarship

-So-Cal Sprinters: 2nd place over all with 3-wins,3-2nd , 3rd’s

-IKF 9th out of 29 coming from 23rd  on the grid (top west coast field)

-Skip Barber Regional race Laguna Seca: Nov. 1st (rain) and 3rd

-Skip Barber Shoot-out Winner of half regional Scholarship


-So-Cal Sprinters 1 win HPV-2

-1 Win & 2nd Jr. WF

-1 win & 2 2nd Spec PRD adult class (beat IKF 3 time Champion)

-Skip Barber 3 day School and a 1 day Lapping session


-So-Cal Sprinters 2nd Place Jr. World Formula (3 wins)

-3rd place HPV-2 (2 Wins)

-3rd Place So-Cal Sprinters Summer shootout

-WKA National 3rd place Jr. WF , 3rd place HPV-2

-IKF ran 2 races 1 HPV-2 and 1 HPV-4Jr

-So Cal Sprinters Club Champion HPV-2 (4 wins)

-3rd Place So-Cal Sprinters Summer shoot out

-3rd place Jr. World Formula (3wins)

So-Cal Sprinters Club Champion Jr. 2 4 Cycle (6 wins)

-3rd Place So-Cal Sprinters Summer Shootout

-WKA west Champion Jr. 2 4 Cycle (2 of 3wins)


-So-Cal Sprinters Club Champion Jr. 1 4 Cycle

-Junior High points champion for all Jrs.. (9 of 10 wins) Won the club eagle

-So-Cal Sprinters Summer Shootout Champion (4 of 4 wins)

-WKA West Champion (2of 3 wins)

-So-Cal Sprinters   2nd place Jr1 4cycle with 5 race wins

-WKA West 2nd place with 1 race win out of 3 races                     

-So-Cal Sprinters Kart club year end 4th place Jr. 1 4 cycle

-WKA West 3rd place








Ever since my parents have gotten me a kart at the age of 8 I have been addicted to racing. I swear its way worse then any drug out there. Those of you who have driven a racecar will understand what I am getting at. I have been racing for 10 years now and have learned so much in the past couple years when I made the jump to cars.

In 2010 I competed in Skip Barber Karting Scholarship and was able to perform well enough to win a half Regional Series scholarship to race in 2011. 2011 was not one my best years, but I made up for it at the end of the year finishing in 2nd place at the Skip Barber Champions Shootout. That earned me $30,000 for 2012.

I look up to many people in the racing world. My fellow karting competitors and good friends Travis Lowe and Justin Wilson are all people who have played a major role in my motivation to continue to strive for success and become a great racer. If you have met me before, you would probably refer to me as “the tall kid”(another reason why I look up to Justin Wilson…he’s 6’3”!).

I feel privileged every time I get out on the track because I know that not everyone has the same opportunities that I have been given. I am very thankful for my family who somehow still supports me even with racing being a large financial strain. I am lucky to have been involved in the Skip Barber School and races as well as the Mazdaspeed Driver Development program, which I am a huge supporter of because it gives young drivers a chance to earn a ride. All it takes is some effort and work along with great training and guidance from their staff. 

There are some great individuals that have guided me and helped me get to where I am today. I have worked with some of the greatest names in racing including Bob Varsha from the Speed Channel, Jeremy Shaw, and David Williams who interviewed me and taught me a lot. Racing has also taught me discipline and how important it is to be a quality human being. I know that every time I walk out of my house I will be faced with choices and decisions. I will interact with many different people. If I don’t live a life to a higher standard, I can very well damage my career and the name of those who support me. Knowing this, I strive to live an admirable life every day.

Another part of my life that is important to me is my faith in Jesus Christ. I am proud to have a Bible verse on the back of my helmet that reminds me of this faith. It says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7.

Hobbies & Interests
Some hobbies I enjoy are snowboarding, playing the bass guitar for my church’s youth band each Sunday, and the playing the bass fiddle in the school orchestra. The occasional video game also makes its way into my life, (iRacing is my favorite) which helps with racing too! But above all, racing is what I love to do!
- Kenton Koch